La giungla urbana di Tiziano Guardini

This time I went there. No, I could not miss it again, I mean Tiziano Guardini’s fashion show. For over a year now I have been following this designer, he was a guest of our July interview and protagonist of several posts, so I just really needed to go to see his beautiful creations live and to chat with him, so yesterday I was in Milan at the Sala delle Cavallerizze of the ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ Museum of Science and Technology to see his 2019 / 2020 fall / winter collection set in the ‘urban jungle’.

First of all, the location was a great choice, because it could be transformed into an eco-sustainable microcosm in which every decorative element takes inspiration from the 3R philosophy: recovery, reuse, recycle. By now we have learned to know the stylistic codes of Tiziano Guardini and we know that his vision embraces sustainability at 360 degrees; in this case, the designer collaborated with Yourban 2030, a non-profit association made up of experts in environmental, social and cultural issues who set up the space like a flowering forest with imaginary trees and large leaves suspended to purify the air as occurs in nature.

In the room there were large canvases made of Isko denim by the artist Fabio Petani, suspended in the air and treated with Airlite, a special painting that activates with natural and / or artificial light, transforming the polluting agents into unarmed salts and purifying the air from bacteria, smoke and mold. So I think I even purified myself!

The Isko denim canvas

And the ‘Urban Jungle’ by Tiziano Guardini translated into clothes? Colorful, dynamic, made of fluid shapes combined with others more streamlined and full of details that recall nature and the animal world, passions that have always moved the work of the designer. There are the jacquard animalier in vibrant colors that decorate the outerwear, the cheetah coming out through the lotus flower on the knitwear but also on the socks, made in collaboration with the company RED. The thread used for socks is Gots organic cotton produced by FILMAR, the Italian company that has joined and committed to Greenpeace’s Detox program.

Inevitable Isko denim, also proposed lasered with a leopard effect, while the ECONYL regenerated yarn obtained from the recovery and transformation of abandoned fishing nets and old carpets has been used for duvets (padded with THERMORE produced from the recovery of plastic bottles! ) but also for knitwear with pleats that Tiziano told me backstage to be new processing done with this type of material.

The Alpaca knitwear is instead the result of a collaboration with the Peruvian company Art-Atlas, the wool of boyfriend style outerwear is regenerated wool created with the company Texmoda Tessuti of Prato, also part of the Detox program and other sustainability programs.

In short, this ‘Urban Jungle’ turned out to be a real teamwork between Guardini’s creative direction and the companies producing these excellent materials, a work that Tiziano never misses to remember always using ‘we’, something I noticed hearing him ‘tell’ the collection and I reallyappreciated it.

As I appreciated his words when I asked him if there was a term that could summarize his collection, in addition to renewed love for the environment and nature; he answered “determination”, that is, that moves him to do “his part” to make the fashion world more ethical, more right.

Thank you Tiziano 🙏🏻

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