I am increasingly aware that the emergency related to Coronavirus and all the situations related to it have entered so forcefully in our daily lives, distorting it, that it is not really possible, even here in the blog, to write without taking it into account. Yes, to distract you by talking about brands, realities, beautiful things that are still out there, it is right and it certainly helps but I feel that in any case I can not ignore everything that is happening, I believe that none of us can do it anymore.

And then another thought of mine, in these days in which we have a lot of time to reflect, is that ‘sustainability’ is a really very broad concept, which lends itself to many interpretations and, at least as far as I’m concerned, they fit in fully terms like ‘kindness’, ‘altruism’, ‘consistency’, a sense of ‘doing well and doing good’ that goes hand in hand with being human, with humanity in its compassionate sense. After all, does not choosing to be sustainable and responsible mean loving the Planet and its living beings?

So here today I want to talk about the commitment that even the fashion sector, and here I talk about it in a general way, just as an industry, without making a distinction between eco and not, is taking on to meet the health emergency due to Coronavirus. There are many textile companies and in the sector in general that have reconverted or are being reconverted to produce face masks that are now known to be used throughout the country.

In this past weekend, 180 thousand non-woven masks have been produced throughout the national territory to be distributed to doctors, nurses and health workers, of which 120 thousand in Tuscany. Among the companies involved also Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada, Fendi, Celine, Valentino and Scervino, which make them on their own or through their suppliers.

From today, daily production, again in Tuscany, will rise to 129 thousand pieces, and then grow again: 149 thousand are expected on Tuesday and 187 thousand on Wednesday.

The Tuscany Region has created a type of triple-layer mask in non-woven fabric with elastic, tested by the analysis laboratories of the University of Florence and compatible with the safety requirements of the surgical ones but with the CE mark.

The President of Tuscany Enrico Rossi then declared that to further increase the level of safety, an experiment was introduced for the treatment of the masks with a disinfectant substance that increases the degree of protection and filtering, as well as sterilization with radio therapies.

Same thing in the Marche region (where I also live); many haute couture firms and major fashion brands are producing protective masks at full capacity, such as ‘Confezioni Europa’ in Castelfidardo, which goes at a rate of 2000 per day.

Here, that’s also what I mean when I talk about sustainability. ‘Support’, be supportive, help. And on the other hand, it is only in this way that we can win the hard war that is putting our country and the whole world to the test.

PS: last but not least a special thought to all the workers and entrepreneurs who continue to work for us with all the associated risks

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